Manor Property's proposed scheme aims to restore the existing co-op building and incorporate both stores and a call centre.
The proposed scheme aims to restore the existing building, bringing it back into full use. The stonework will be surveyed and cleaned or replaced as necessary. The existing brick panels will be cleaned and the existing windows will replaced with new windows glazed in the same pattern as the originals.

The development aims to incorporate both stores and a call centre into the existing Coop buildings in Hull.

The proposed stores have level access at the principal entrance. Within the building, all three levels of stores are accessible from two existing lifts, or via the escalators which are being added internally. Two new lifts are being installed solely to serve the call centre on the top floors.

The concrete canopy will be removed and replaced with a glazed canopy at the same level. This will make the pavement beneath significantly lighter and more pleasant. The corner of the building at Jameson Street and Bond Street will have and additional bay window added. This will show the original stonework behind but will also emphasise this corner to signify the main entrance to the store.